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Dependable Home Security

Commitment You Can Count On
We work with some of the most cutting edge and dependable home security equipment.  We provide you with the latest advancements from the world's leading manufacturer of security products and services.  Reliable staff combined with reliable equipment is a combination that will ensure the ongoing safety of your family.
We pride ourselves on protecting your family from becoming the victim of a violent crime or terrifying break ing and secure the belongings you have worked hard to obtain. For our team of experts the setup and installation of your alarm system is easy as is monitoring your home.  Using our advanced technology you can arm, disarm, and monitor your system from your computer or even your mobile device!
At the end of the day we encourage you to do your research on all home security services companies in the west monroe because we know that once that process is finished, AbbatechSecurity will become the obvious choice to serve you and your family.  Once you come to that conclusion please call us @ +1(318)512-4372 and let us get you on the road to peace of mind.